Windows PC, Mac Apple OSX, Laptop, Desktop, LED/LCD Screen Repair, Hard Drive Replacements & Upgrades, Operating System Installs, Power DC Jack Repair, Hardware Software Repairs, Data Recovery, Internal Fan Cleaning & More...  90 Day Warranty on any repair !

    $45 Flat Rate Repair !*on most repairs |+ $15 trip fee on mobile service.

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Customer Testimonials |

If you would like to contact one of my previous customers for a referral,  let me know !

Rob Harris - Peoria | Tim replaced a broken screen on my laptop, Awesome job very prompt.

Alys - Phoenix
| I  like that Tim called before he came over , had identification, price quoted was very reasonable. Tim was friendly and explained what he was doing as he went through the repair to remove the viruses. Would highly recommend Tim's service.

Beth - Phoenix
| We had a broken laptop screen within one week Tim had ordered a new one came to our home and fixed the computer all for less then 100 bucks!! Highly recommend Tim and his services!

Charis - Phoenix | Tim was on time and very courteous.  He advised ahead the make and color of the car he is driving.  He also wore proper ID.  He is very knowledgeable.  My computer had a virus which he found and eliminated.  He was efficient and his price is beyond reasonable. I have already recommended someone to him and have told all my friends about him.  

Chris - Phoenix
| Windows 8 would not boot, Tim fixed the boot problem, All around service, from pick up to drop off.  You beat any company hands down.


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